group300Providing a nurturing space.

Being inspired.

Creating stories, characters, relationships.

Welcome to Impulse Kids, in association with Impulse Theatre Company. 

Impulse Kids is a new stream of drama led by Lucy Webb (BaHons) who provides classes and workshops for children and youth in Christchurch. She facilitates learning through a combination of upbeat drama games and theatrical excercises with a focus on spontaneity. The curriculum is structured, yet boasts flexibility, according to the interests of students.

The students will learn fundamental social skills through this creative theatre program. 

Each block of teaching explores different theatrical techniques where new skills are learned and new challenges are accepted, always drawing from an improvisers experience. Examples of which are; physical theatre, interpretive movement, listening and responding, character development, improvising, devising, and script and text work.

At regular intervals the students will have the opportunity to share their discoveries with family and friends. These performances are unlike traditional performing arts schools as our emphasis is on the process of learning, not showcasing "talent". tree arms

Lucy runs teaching blocks of 4 weeks at 2 hours per class. She also teaches weekend and holiday workshops accross the city, of 8 hours each, plus performance time.

The vision is to provide children with access to quality teaching and a supportive environment through the medium of drama.

Please use the 'contact us' section for any questions or queries, or simply complete an enrolment form and Lucy will make contact with you.